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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering to be a brand ambassador for LionsLamb. Before getting started we encourage you to read our mission statement. Please also read our terms and conditions.

We are glad to have you join our team. We would like to let you know what we except for our ambassadors.

Social Media

You are not except (but encourage) to post or share any content about LionsLamb. 

If you do post any content about LionsLamb you agree to allow us share or repost any and all content about our brand.

We ask that you tag us in your post when every you post about us and used the #lionslamb.

Time Span

This is fully a voluntary position you are not under any contract. At any point and time, you can end being ambassador for LionsLamb. We also reserve the right to terminate your ambassadorship with us at any point and time as well.  All rewards that you have earned before termination will be paid out.


Thank you for reading our Terms & Conditions.

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