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We at LionsLamb love to give back to our communities through donations. A percentage of our profits will go to nonprofit organizations. To your right, are nonprofit organizations that left a huge impression. At check you can choose one of the four nonprofits you wish to donate to.

Room For Roots

Room For Roots values Faith, Courage, Integrity, Perseverance, Grace and Generosity. Room For Roots was founded by Bridgett Belsky. After serving at risk women for about two decades, she saw a need for women to have access to discipleship/ mentorship. Creating Generational impact needed most in life such as, Financial, Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and spiritual self development. To learn more about Room for Root click the link​


Youth Care & Beyond 

Since 1980 Youth Care & Beyond has served hundreds or children and families. Their services are Foster care, visitation, and parenting services. They also provide community based family and individuals services through the Department of Development Disability. To learn more about YCB click the link



This non profit was founded by Coo. S.T.N.S Stands for Stop The NonSense. Growing up Coo seen his share of Trauma and dysfunction. Being involved in gangs, which lead him to prison, and homelessness. He saw the shortage of positive leaders in the community. Coo goal with S.T.N.S is to teach the youth to take care of themselves, others and their community. By giving them tools such as, integrity, responsibility and self worth they can rise above their current situation and strive to better future. To get more information about S.T.N.S click the link


Contact — STNS



Goshen is a group of people who are growing together in Yah. They serve in their communities and bring the word of the Messiah and Yahuah where every they go. To learn more click the link below.

Afternoon Light

Let's Work Together

Thank you for checking out our donation page. All of these nonprofits truly help their communities and create better environments. 

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