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Our mission

We know how easy it is to be influence by the world. So we want to encourage believers to Walk, Talk, and Wear Their Faith.

Our Story

My name is Jamal Robinson. I am the founder of the brand LionsLamb Clothing. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to create my own brand. One that helps create conversations about the gospel. I wanted to design a symbol that hold value for all people, from every walk of life could enjoy. With the help from the Spirit, My Wife and the design of a personal tattoo, I believe we have achieved just that. Yes, you heard right, the LionsLamb symbol was originally designed to be a tattoo. As I was drawing it out my wife gave a suggestion to put the two crowns together, and once the rough draft was finished, we knew this was something special. Without relying on the topical Bible quotes, we aiming to not only be fashionable and comfortable but also a conversation starter, between believers and non-believers with every new design. 

 I believe we are lions who were given back our roar through the sacrifice of the Lamb. Please do not misunderstand the lamb is also the Lion. Our brand represents the roar of the King. We are unashamed and our clothes reflect royalty. Thank you for reading a little about me and the history of the brand. I hope you enjoy shopping with the stylish brand LionsLamb.


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